Armed with (bass) guitars, loop recorders and electronics Cordyceps creates an evolving sound mass of glitchy break-beats, abstract riffs, closed-circuit feedback and layers of droning noises. Cordyceps fuses electronic music (breakcore, idm, glitch hop, noise, …), rock-oriented genres (mathrock, postrock, punk, …) and other influences into their dynamic live set.

In their two year existence they’ve already released several EP’s including a split with IDklang on Wire Globe and have toured the Benelux, Germany and UK playing with diverse artists such as Enduser, Rhumble In Rhodos, Juffage, Frog Pocket, Mrs Jynx, Alright The Captain, Reiziger, Cheap Jazz, Mouth Of The Architect, Bear, Fawn Spots, …

This two-piece band is currently located in Ghent, Belgium.